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President’s Report for 2019-2020

This past year can be best described as momentous. Much of the work and focus has been on building and strengthening relationships and commemorating a milestone, celebrating CCJA‘s 100th centenary.

I assumed my term as President of the CCJA at Congress in Quebec City.  I am grateful to my predecessor, Mihael Cole, for his leadership and support.

It is pleasing to record the tremendous success of Congress 2019 a partnership between the CCJA, and the Societé de Criminologie( (SCQ). Range of successful indicators included; Positive feedback, Congress figures, the high caliber of plenary speakers and presentations; Chief Justice of Canada, Chief Justice of Quebec, Senators, and other prominent individuals and experts.

One of many notable highlights for the success of the conference was the collaboration with the SCQ.  The cooperation between the CCJA and SCQ has worked particularly well all the while maintaining CCJA core values.

I am pleased to note that CCJA’s footprint is expanding internationally and across Canada in the planning of the 5th World Congress 2021, Sept 28-October 1, 2021, Ottawa, Ontario with the theme: “No One Left Behind.  Building Community Capacity.” CCJA is collaborating with the World Congress Advisory Group-comprised of international paroling associations in Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States, Parole Board of Canada, CSC, Public Safety Canada and the RCMP.

CCJA gratefully acknowledges the following financial supporters; Public Safety Canada, Heritage Canada, Justice and the SSHRC. CCJA has maintained both financial and governance stability under the direction of long time Executive Director Irving Kulik.  On behalf of CCJA Board of Directors, I would like to offer a sincere thank you to Irving Kulik.for his dedicated leadership.

We are proud of the ongoing involvement with our affiliates and partnering agencies, as they are important relationships. A community of people and organizations that understand the importance of respecting and working for criminal justice improvements.

Propelled by the Board of Directors commitment to the CCJA mission, board meetings have effectively catalyzed discussion, and addressed a wide range of topics.  Our relationship with our affiliates have continued to be an important priority. 2-year affiliate agreements were implemented upon previous discussions with Affiliate Presidents in efforts to provide support and uniformity among affiliates.  Affiliate Presidents have been invited to board meetings to have an opportunity to share provincial association information and issues.  To date, the arrangement has been working well with improved efficiencies.

The Policy Review Committee (PRC) continues its concerted efforts researching and responding to proposed justice legislation under the leadership of Howard Bebbington.

The PRC provided views on modifications to the CCRA and CCRR regarding C-83 (SIUs replacing Segregation); supported Kim Pate’s S-208 (Judges authority to impose appropriate sentences); and provided a brief on S-207 (Disclosure of info to jurors):

-Letter to Bill Blair on de-incarceration pursuant to deliberations on Covid-19 management in federal institutions;

-Bill S-214: Criminal Records Act amendments – Senator Kim Pate’ Bill;

-Bill S-207: Disclosure of information by jurors – draft brief

-Discussion and on-going work on development of a strategy on the opioid crisis pursuant to Bills  C-235 and C-236.

-Major research was done by Mark Addo for an article studying comparative research on the use of segregation in other western democracies and comparing these systems to the Mandela rules. This was published in the Justice Report and on our website.

Many thanks to the PRC for their efforts to improve criminal justice for all Canadians. I would also like to highlight and thank the Public Education Resources Committee (PURC), Public Awareness and Visibility, Awards Committee, and the Membership Committees for their contributions.

Importantly, the CCJA also began discussions with affiliates to consider co-hosting future public education events to bridge the gap between Congresses along with other support activities; online public education, and expanding reach to involve other stakeholders.

The Justice Report, continues to publish comprehensive issues with well-considered articles.   Similarly, the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, has maintained excellence in producing high quality and depth of articles from excellent sources from the criminal justice field. The CCJA website has also seen visually impressive improvements with online access to the Justice Report, Journal, articles, book reviews and student space.

I would like to thank all past presidents, members of the CCJA Board and Executive Committee, staff, affiliates, and to our many partners who share criminal justice interests and contribute to our work towards fulfilling the mission of the CCJA.

In closing, moving forward I am confident that CCJA will continue with our steadfast efforts to provide criminal justice leadership and public education on criminal justice issues that will serve to improve the criminal justice system for all.

Respectfully submitted,


Angela Falk President, CCJA

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