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The full online version of the Justice Report is now available to our members.

A preview version is also available to the public.



How do I login? 

CCJA members can access the all online version using their CCJA member number or email (the one associated with your membership account) as a login name. Enter it in the top righthand corner of and the system will send you an email with a password to unlock access.

If your email address has changed, please contact the Ottawa office at Your membership number appears on the CCJA membership receipt. 

CCJA membership fees are $25/yr. for students and $60yr. for non-students at You will also receive a biweekly e-newsletter keeping you up to date on newsworthy criminal justice issues/events and more. Other membership levels include our peer-reviewed journal (CJCCJ).


How do I go to the next page? 

The following methods can be used to turn to the next page:

  • Use the scroll along the bottom of the page to change pages
  • Click on the upper or lower righthand corner to turn the page
  • Click on the bar on the righthand side of the page


How do I zoom in to read the text of an article? 

You can zoom in to read the text of an article by double-click on the page. Once you have zoomed in, left click and drag your mouse to the area of the page that you would like to view.


Why are the pages blurry? 

Only some sections of the Justice Report are available to the public. As a result, the rest of the content is blurred in the public version. To view the full version, login with your CCJA member number.


Please contact Lauren Murray at if you require further assistance.

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