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Executive Director’s Report 2017-2018







The Canadian Criminal Justice Association is composed of professionals and interested citizens who work together as a strong and credible force to encourage rational, informed and responsible research, study and the sharing of information in order to enhance the development of a humane, equitable and effective criminal justice system in Canada.



Fostering Communication Within and About the Criminal Justice Field

The most significant event of the year was clearly Congress 2017, which took place in Toronto from October 25-27. For the first time we created an equal partnership with a government department, the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, in hosting our Congress. Together with our affiliate, the Criminal Justice Association of Ontario, we presented an excellent programme that was highly rated by attendees. Congress 2017 was not only a programming success but, also attracted more than 300 new members from Ontario government departments, as well as others from across Canada.

Our association with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) continues and their annual conference was attended by our President. In addition, a representative of the ACJS is a member of our Policy Review Committee.

We also began discussions with the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA), the Correctional Service of Canada and the ACJS to co-host a graduate student symposium in October 2018 in Montreal as part of the 20th anniversary conference of the ICPA.


Public Education/Partnerships

Our affiliation partnerships continue with the International Corrections and Prisons Association and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences as described. I will be attending part of the ICPA conference in October 2018 as well as our jointly presented student symposium. I continue as a reviewer and member of the editorial committee of their journal.

For the 100th anniversary of the Association, we are partnering with La Societè de Criminologie du Québec in co-hosting Congress 2019 in Quebec City in November 2019.

Professor Simon Verdun-Jones of Simon Fraser University continues to lead the Editorial Board of the Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice until June 2019.  Our online submission process has been introduced which appears to be working well for authors and peer reviewers. A number of changes will be taking place in the future as we adapt to funding exigencies.

The Justice Report under the editorship of Nancy Wright continues to produce excellent issues and attracts interesting submissions from a wide spectrum of authors, including students. With the support of Heritage Canada, we updated the look and format to a much more attractive and younger image. It is also now available online.


Research/Policy Development

The Policy Review Committee continues to meet regularly under the chairmanship of Howard Bebbington. We have been very successful in attracting students as PRC guests and contributors. We have also been fortunate in engaging student policy interns on a regular basis. Their written contributions in response to draft legislation have often been submitted to Government Ministers on behalf of CCJA.


 Governance and Organizational Development

As we have stated before, we are a very lean organization with one full-time employee and me. We are able to do so because many of our responsibilities are contracted out, including the editorial work on the Justice Report and the Journal, as well as their printing and mailing. We have automated as many of the financial processes as possible and expanded with online services, which are savings in staff time as well as in responding to members’ needs.


Resource Development

More than half our operating budget is provided as a sustaining grant by Public Safety Canada and we are always grateful for their on-going support.

The implementation of the online version of the Justice Report has created opportunities while also greatly enhancing our public visibility.

Lack of membership growth has been a concern for awhile however, we were fortunate in increasing our membership beyond 700 as a result of Congress 2017.



Irving Kulik
Executive Director

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