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Corrections in Canada is divided between the federal and provincial governments. Federally, the Correctional Service of Canada is responsible for the incarceration and parole supervision of offenders sentenced to two or more years in a penitentiary.

The provinces have jurisdiction for offenders with sentences of less than two years.

More information regarding Corrections in Canada and in Ontario respectively is available at: and


In Canada, probation is under provincial jurisdiction. In Ontario, there are 121 probation supervision offices. A probation order can only last for 3 years and the order cannot expire until the expiration date or if a court terminates the order early. For more information about Probation in Ontario please see:


Parole is a bridge between imprisonment and return to the community. It is a conditional release allowing offenders to continue to serve the rest of their sentences under supervision and with specific conditions, outside the penitentiary. Breaching conditions will normally mean a return to incarceration.

The Parole Board of Canada is responsible for parole decisions for all federal offenders as well as those serving shorter sentences in most provinces. Ontario and Quebec have maintained their own parole boards for their provincial offenders.

More information on parole in Canada can be found at:

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